EFOR, derived from the Turkish word for effort, is our commitment to securing and

delivering the most sustainable raw materials and ingredients from anywhere in the world,

to our international client base. Systemically sound yet flexible, EFOR offers a fast

and reliable service from its vast global network.


EFOR Ingredients prides itself on being a pioneering and innovative company that embodies

the values; sustainability, corporate transparency and social consciousness.


Quality products are expertly traced and transported in line with stringent global health and safety standards.


EFOR Ingredients is a member of the AHS Group, managed by the EVIZ family, which has further investments in

the food, energy, logistics and textile industries. The EFOR management team is comprised of professionals with an

abundance of experience in international trade and uncontested global market knowledge. Our personalised

approach and dedication is underscored by exclusive marketing and sales agreements with an unparalleled

network of global market players with whom we have established long-term relations.


EFOR is headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey, with an affiliate office in South Africa and partners in

Hong Kong, China, Nairobi and Kenya. 

EFOR Ingredients “Your navigator in a rapidly evolving world”